The March meeting will be a diffent venue, Shepherd of the Hills church located at 16150 E. El Elago Blvd. (corner of El Lago and Fountain Hills Blvds.  The time be 6:00PM.

There will be competition for Artist of the Month, please consider entering.

Lee Hendrickson’s Photography of Crystals

See a presentation by Lee Hendrickson’s Photography of Crystals which he refers to

as a combination of Art and Science.  This lifelong fascination with the connection between art and science found an outlet in 2005 when he began a second career as a professional fine art photographer.

Lee’s background as a research scientist and his degree in biomedical photography led him to develop specialized techniques for growing, then photographing crystals through the microscope. His fine art photographs of the infinitely varied crystalline patterns are magnified thousands of times and reveal a brilliant rainbow of color as the illuminating white light is refracted through the crystal facets.
His studio/lab in Goodyear, AZ, has become a creative environment for constantly expanding his knowledge of crystal compounds and photographic techniques.

His crystal photographs include  crystals from wine, chocolate, and caffeine, to name a few. are exhibited throughout Arizona and the western  US. Lee was recently named Phoenix Magazine’s Best Artist and Best Artist of the Year 2022.

He can be seen at the Arizona Fine Arts Expo now until March 26th.

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